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Amber has Down's syndrome and is about to start school together with her twin sister, Olivia. Although at first her experience is positive, she soon starts to struggle and asks to stay at home. Olivia is keen to keep her twin sister in the same class and so begins the struggle of keeping the girls together at school. 
The film follows the challenges for both girls through 4 years of school and charts the changes in their relationship, uniquely from their own perspectives.

Director / Producer - Ian Davies
Ian is Amber and Olivia's dad.
He has worked on a few other films through his company Initialize Films, but has never enjoyed working on a film as much as this one. 

Producer / Editor - Rob Alexander
Rob has produced / directed several documentaries such as the acclaimed Gary Numan: Android in La La Land.
Amber calls him "Dude".

Music - Nikki French and James Warburton
Both Nikki and James provided several tracks for the film. Highly talented, we look 
forward to working with them on future films.

Additional Camera / Photography - Andrew Ogilvy
Fantastic stills photographer Andrew combined stills work with additional camera.

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